Old Lady Names

With the passing of the years,

a name like Doreen

slowly morphs

from a pretty, modern name

for a pretty, modern girl

to an old-fashioned name for

a little old lady.


My name is Richard.

Richard has not been in the top fifty boys names

for quite some time,

so in a couple of decades

will it only be associated

with old fuddy-duds

who still remember evenings spent

chatting on MSN messenger?


Changing fashions,

changing bodies,

changing times.

Each day goes by

from now until the last good-byes,

one by one by one.

I resolve to at least try

and live each of them.


Ode to a hot cross bun

I lie here unable to sleep.

And I suddenly find myself nightdaydreaming of hot cross buns, the kind supermarkets sell in plastic-wrapped packs of six. My imagination feasts on the thought of the doughy texture, the juicy raisins, the cinnamon, the slightly burnt taste of the brown surface beneath the cross.

They possess a vaguely cultural significance also, as supermarkets usually start selling them around Easter time. As if in the factories where they are made, there are big vats squirting essences of tradition and Christianity into the mixture, along with all the sugar and saturated fat.

So many guys now are obsessed with getting ripped, and cutting out carbohydrates from their diet in the process. Although I enjoy working out and try to eat healthily, I don’t think I could ever completely forgo carbs, for I would never wish to rid my life  of an edible source of such comfort.